After what has been described as a racist opinion column was published in the "University Star," Texas State University's student publication, the school's president has spoken out against it, saying it is contrary to the university's core values.

The column, titled, "Your DNA is an Abomination," was published in the Nov. 28 issue of the "University Star." The following day, after the column "received widespread criticism from readers, with many expressing that they find the author's ideas to be racist," the publication issued an "Editor's Note." The editor said the opinion pages are a forum for students to express and debate ideas and that the paper does not endorse every opinion put forth by student columnists or guest contributors.

Denise M. Trauth, the university's president, released the following statement:

I am deeply troubled by the racist opinion column that was published in the November 28, 2017, issue of the University Star titled “Your DNA is an abomination.” The column’s central theme was abhorrent and is contrary to the core values of inclusion and unity that our Bobcat students, faculty, and staff hold dear. As president of a university that celebrates its inclusive culture, I detest racism in any manifestation.
While I appreciate that the Star is a forum for students to freely express their opinions, I expect student editors to exercise good judgment in determining the content that they print. The Star’s editors have apologized for the column and are examining their editorial process.