A Saturday morning meeting to discuss flood relief in San Marcos drew a big crowd, with some preparing for possible flooding in the coming days.

“It’s come to the point after those last two floods, where it’s literally come to the point where I can feel the nervousness of the people on the other side of town for people that were flooded,” said homeowner Lisa Marie Coppoletta.

San Marcos Emergency Management Coordinator Kenneth Bell said his concerns are flooding and drainage.

“You’ve got to be weather-wise,” Bell said. “If there’s no doubt, especially on low-water crossings, turn around and go the other way.”

Bell encouraged people at the meeting to sign up for emergency notifications and to take them seriously.

“It saved my son’s life. Because we couldn’t have gotten him out of the house the water had gotten up He’s in a wheelchair,” Lucy Edgell said.

Edgell and her family escaped the 2015 floods, but her home of more than 40 years was destroyed.

“I never thought I’d be homeless at 80,” she said. “It’s pretty bad. To start over again.”

Workers were also out Saturday clearing debris from construction along Gabe Volinsky’s home along Conway Drive in Wimberley, which was flooded out in May and October.

“Just pray that we don’t go through that again,” Volinsky said.

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