A man with an extensive history with the Hays County Sheriff's Office allegedly lured deputies to an antique store in Wimberley with a false report before ambushing them with gunfire early Friday morning, according to a preliminary investigation reported by Hays County Sheriff Gary Cutler.

The suspect, Rocky Miles West, 26, was killed at the scene and a Hays County Sheriff's deputy, Benjamin Gieselman, 28, was shot multiple times.

At a press conference, the sheriff's office said deputies received the initial police report at 3:47 a.m. Nov. 24 about a person with a gun possibly breaking into Jean's Antique store on Ranch Road 12, located on the Southside of Wimberley.

Sheriff Cutler said when deputies arrived at the scene, there was no man with a gun at the store and there did not appear to be a break-in. After receiving information from dispatch, deputies traveled up a hill near the antique shop and were met with gunfire.

Officials said West was standing behind a rock wall as he shot at the deputies from 20 yards away.

"At this point in time, the individual fired approximately nine rounds with his shotgun. So, he apparently had to reload," said Sheriff Cutler.

Multiple patrol vehicles were damaged by gunfire and Deputy Benjamin Gieselman was wounded in the exchange. Deputies returned fire and later located the body of West.

While West died at the scene, HCSO added they did not know if West died from a self-inflicted wound or from shots fired by deputies.

Hays County Sheriff's Deputy Benjamin Gieselman

Gieselman, a three-year veteran with the sheriff's office, was struck in the leg and upper body but wasn't fatally wounded. He was released from the hospital on Nov. 25.

West had an extensive criminal history with the sheriff's office -- the most recent incident happening in October -- though Sheriff Cutler couldn't elaborate on the specifics. Sheriff Cutler said the preliminary investigation suggests that the 9-1-1 caller was also West, who allegedly made the call to lure officers to the scene.

The owner of Jean's Antiques told investigators that the store was not burglarized and did not appear to be damaged.

Sheriff Cutler said he was proud of how well the officers handled the situation because it could have gone much worse.

"I commend the officers for the job they did. Really good job. Y'all don't understand. These officers are very lucky. Their cars got shot up pretty well today," said Sheriff Cutler.

The investigation is ongoing, and the sheriff's office said no motive is known. The Texas Rangers are also doing their own independent and parallel investigation, according to Hays County District Attorney Wes Mau.

"Just to ensure a separate set of eyes on things since we do have a deceased suspect, apparently killed by police officers," said Mau.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.