If you're building a home from scratch or a renovation is in order, consider checking out this weekend's Austin Homes Tour.

The tour, hosted by the American Institute of Architects, will feature 13 Austin homes all designed by some of the city's most prestigious architects.

"It's a self guided tour," said AIA Executive Director Ingrid Spencer. "People can drive themselves, park at the homes and spend as much time as they want. AIA Austin has about 1,080 architects or designer members and this is how we promote their work."

Philip Keil is a licensed architect with Furman + Keil Architects. His education and experience made it easy to turn Matt Shoberg's vision for his home remodel into reality. The contemporary living room with traditional touches leading to an open outdoor space are two of Shoberg and his wife's favorite features.

Take a look at some of Furman + Keil's work:

"We really appreciate the quality the execution," Shoberg said.

When Shoberg recently decided it was time to renovate his home, he knew he didn't want to do the work alone.

"As a homeowner, I'm very in tune with what an architect brings to the table," Shoberg said.

"We think about so many different things," Keil said. "We're thinking about function, energy efficiency, space, light proportion and designing around a human being."

This weekend Shoberg's home will be one of 13 featured in the the American Institute of Architects Home Tour.

"Much of our work is about making buildings that are exciting to be in that are compelling in many different ways," said Kevin Alter with alterstudio architecture.

Take a look at some of Alterstudio Architecture's work:

Alter is the designer behind another home being featured. This home is situated between two live oak trees. The house was kept one story to preserve tree canopies and Eanes Creek runs behind it.

Each home has a different feel and different touches offering something for everyone. The AIA Austin Homes Tour is happening this Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m..

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