A social media post by the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department has many Facebook users buzzing: Has Bigfoot moved down South?

Along with three images of extra-large footprints in the mud, the department shared a mysterious message:

“Our Park Ranger surveillance has captured strange footprints at various parks & trails in the area. If you find these, or other unexplained phenomena, tag Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department on FB, or @roundrockpard on Twitter & Instagram. #RRSightings”

So, what do you think? Could Sasquatch have taken up residence in Round Rock, or is this just some clever marketing scheme to get people outdoors at Round Rock parks?

Facebook saw mixed opinions:

“Brushy Creek Trail. There is water. There are animals. That makes it squatchy. Therefore, Bigfoot must live there. Says BFRO guys,” wrote Michael Fontana.

For those unfamiliar with Bigfoot lore, BFRO is an acronym for Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

“I always knew Hairy Man was real,” said Melissa Bonwell. “All those nights driving with our lights off to find him!”

“Sorry I just randomly decided to go for a late night walk,” suggested Matthew Toth. “Didn't want to get my Nikes muddy so I went barefoot.”

“Fake, the imprints are too even. I've seen bigfoot tracks before and this one is too clean,” said Carlos A. Smudio.

And Tino Garza praised the post, calling it a “very creative way to get people out to the parks.”

However, we’re most concerned with a comment from Facebook user John F. Lann:

“My son said he saw a huge hairy man walking through the woods a few days ago! He said it scared the #%## out of him!”

Looks like the only thing left to do is explore the area yourself. Share your photos with #RRSightings -- and #kvue -- to help unravel the big-footed mystery.