As phase two of campus carry, a law passed in 2015, community college students in Texas will be allowed to carry guns on campus starting Tuesday.

Texas Senate Bill 11, also known as campus carry law, allows people to carry a concealed handgun on the grounds and in the buildings of colleges and universities. This law went into effect for public universities in August of last year. So, University of Texas has been implementing the law for a year now.

Community college campuses had an extra year to comply. And private institutions can opt out all together.

Austin Community College said its 12 campuses are ready. They have signs posted anywhere concealed carry is not allowed, such as polling locations, test centers and labs with dangerous chemicals.

In order to carry a gun on campus, individuals must have a valid Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) or License to Carry (LTC) and that firearm must be concealed. In the state of Texas, you must be 21 years old before you can obtain a license, which means the law wouldn't apply to many lower classman at Universities.

Several groups initially protested the law last year, but those for the law have pointed out that its implementation at universities has been successful and without incident so far.

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Three UT professors sued the state over the new law, claiming free speech and debate in classrooms could be stifled with the threat of gun violence. A judge disagreed and threw out that lawsuit this summer. The professors have now filed an appeal on that judge's dismissal of the suit.