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Gun owners could face charges after unattended weapons found on UT campuses

In separate incidents, two unattended weapons were found on UT campuses. UTPD said both owners could possibly face charges.

Police are investigating after two guns were found unattended on The University of Texas campus Tuesday and Wednesday.

University police reported the first was a holstered pistol found in the women's bathroom at the McCombs business school building on Tuesday. Police said the owner of the weapon -- a student who possessed a concealed carry license -- was found on Wednesday.

Police are working with the Department of Public Safety and the Dean of Students to determine future course of administrative action. The UTPD will determine if charges can be filed against the owner.

On Wednesday, another pistol was found unattended in the women's bathroom at the Commons Learning Center on the Pickle Research Campus. Police said the owner of this weapon was also found. They were identified as a non-UT affiliate who was attending a conference at the center.

UTPD said they will be filing a report with the DPS as well and will determine if charges can be filed.

For more information on the university's concealed carry policy, click here.