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Greg Kelley's attorney files motion for retrial

The attorney for Greg Kelley has filed a motion for a retrial Wednesday.
Greg Kelley

WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- The attorney for Greg Kelley has filed a motion Wednesday for a retrial.

Kelley is the former Leander High School football player sentenced to 25 years in prison, without parole or the right to appeal, after he was found guilty of super aggravated sexual assault of a child. Kelley was sentenced last month.

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Kelley hired his new representation at the end of July, with the hopes of a retrial. Keith Hampton was hired by the Kelley family because he specializes in getting new trials for clients who have already been found guilty.

Williamson County Assistant District Attorney Mark Brunner said he isn't overly concerned.

"I have confidence in the conduct of the judge in my prosecutors, the jury's conduct, and I have confidence in the verdict they returned," said Brunner. "If there [are] grounds for a new trial, we'll look forward to trying Mr. Kelley a second time."

Hampton didn't specify on what grounds he believes Kelley deserves a new trial, but he suggested Kelley may not be the one guilty of sexual assault.

The judge has 75 days to make his decision.

Click the player below to watch Jana Duty speak about the Kelley case:

Click the player below to watch Jake Brydon, a supporter of Greg Kelley, speak on behalf of Kelley's lawyer: