AUSTIN — Veterans Day is coming up, and a group of students at Graham Elementary School in East Austin are getting a head start in thanking our veterans.

"Dear veterans, thank you for all that you've done," Fernando, a second-grader working on his 'thank you' card, said.

Fernando was among the over a dozen students putting together letters to hand-deliver to veterans at Buckner Villas, a senior living community right across the campus.

Each note had an empowering message and a colored drawing.

"I really thank them for saving our world, and we really appreciate it," little Fernando said.

The group then showered dozens of veterans at Buckner Villas with gratitude.

Among the group of veterans was Roland Johnson, who served the country during the Cold War.

"I was able to sail out of my hometown in Galveston," he said, "I left my wife with a baby in her arms and pregnant with the second child."

The group of children went up to the microphone and shared why they are thankful for the veterans' service.

"I thought that was real darling," Johnson said, "I just hope they would never have to serve."

"I'm thankful that you sacrificed your life, so I can go to school freely today," one of the children said.

"If we can get this world to where we talk things out, we'd be a lot better off," Johnson explained, hoping the world finds peace every day.

The conference room turned into a room full of heartfelt "thank you's" in hopes of showing the veterans how much they are appreciated.

"It's nice to be appreciated," Johnson said, as the children continued their grateful remarks.