Governor Greg Abbott called for safer schools in Texas on Wednesday.

He sent a letter to the commissioner of the Texas Education Agency in which he demanded immediate action.

The letter outlines steps that he believes need to be taken to insure students are as safe as possible in Texas schools.

Abbott wrote that he wanted the TEA to work with the Texas School Safety Center and the Texas Department of Public Safety to come up with recommendations for improvements.

The Texas School Safety Center has protocols in place, but the director said there is always room for improvement.

Currently, school districts are required to have a multi-hazard emergency operations plan.

Those with the school district are required to conduct drills to train to that plan. They also are required to have a safety and security committee in place to oversee the protocols in schools.

School leadership is also required to conduct facility audits of all instructional and non-instructional facilities to make sure they are engaging in school safety protocols.

The Texas School Safety Center uses the Standard Response Protocol to help train schools. The protocol includes information on lock downs, intruder response, and what to do if the door is breached.

The director of the Texas School Safety Center said they will work in the coming weeks to create an updated plan.