You might have heard about a new exercise trend involving goats – goat yoga.

Well, now it has come to downtown Austin.

It is called Goga, where baby Nigerian Dwarf goats roam among the yogis.

"People are kind of going crazy for it,” said co-founder Rachael Phillips.

She created the business with her boyfriend Trey Kitchen on Labor Day. She has marketing experience, and Kitchen has a finance background. Plus, Kitchen's mom is a goat breeder.

"We just started a Facebook page,” said Phillips. “We posted the event on Wednesday night, and the first class sold out in 30 minutes."

All who participated Sunday were required to pay for the class, and all of those funds went to Hurricane Harvey relief. More than a $1,000 in total.

If you want to sign up for goat yoga, here is a link to the organization’s Facebook page.

Phillips said she will likely have three classes a day on Sept. 23 and 24.