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Getting ready for business. Homespun still plans to be open by Mother's Day after flooding last week

After four feet of water flooded their building, the staff at Homespun in Dripping Springs has been working to get ready and open up just a little over a week later.

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas — There are still some low-water crossings that are being heavily impacted by the flooding. Some are in Dripping Springs are also looking past the flooding and coming together to get back to normal.

Working together makes everything a whole lot easier.

"Yeah, we're trying to recover from that, obviously this thing needs a good cleaning after all the water that was in here," said Ciara Moloney, an employee at Homespun. "So we're doing what we can."

Moloney was at Homespun bar and restaurant helping to clean everything up, even the bathrooms.

"This one takes the cake for the messiest I've seen it," said Moloney. "Mother's Day is what we're hoping, and we will all cross our fingers and everything because we're out of work too. So we'll be as optimistic as possible."

The goal they set the day after the flooding was to be open by Mother's Day. 

"Before Mother's Day, Saturday night at the latest," said Randy Ford, owner at Homespun. "I'm very proud of my staff, they're my team, they're my family and I'm glad to have them around and we're all ready to get back to work."


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Homespun in Dripping Springs recovering from flooding

Other employees agree.

"And we're a family here," said Teri Garrett. "Homespun is a family, you know, you get a job here, you're adopted."

Garrett is a bartender and server who was here Friday during the flood. Now that the clean up is well underway the staff's just hoping any new rain stays out of the building.

"I got my fingers crossed, said Garrett. "I there's anything I've learned, anything can happen like that, so positive vibes. That's it."

So, as the paint dries and the rest of the work gets done, it's the teamwork pulling them through.

"Without about 100 people helping us, we wouldn't be this far along," said Ford.


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