AUSTIN, Texas — Brookwood in Georgetown (BIG), is an area non-profit and vocational community that aims to give adults with special needs meaningful work, and now the group is getting even bigger by adding a location in West Austin. 

The group was founded in 2011 in Georgetown. Their third and latest campus, which is called BIG Bee Cave, will be located at the Austin Ridge Bible Church near Bee Cave Road in January.

Each campus has its own specialty. At the main campus in Georgetown, the citizens create pottery, greeting cards, work in a cafe and retail center. At the second expansion, which is also in Georgetown, they focus on culinary arts and wood-working. Adults at the Austin location specialize in making soaps and homemade dog treats.

'Big' expanding to new location

Thollander explained that in Williamson County alone, there are 30,000 individuals above the age of five that have been diagnosed with a disability that would need full to partial care for the rest of their lives. 

In Travis County, that number jumps to 90,000. She said that over the past few years, the program has seen such tremendous growth and that adding a new location has helped create more space and opportunities for both participants and volunteers.  

"We also want to continue to meet that need. The way we're doing that now is by these satellite campuses, that will allow us to meet the need but also keep our services small and individualized so that folks can continue to receive that sort of specialized and individualized attention." 

Because of BIG's booming growth, Thollander said she does see the possibility of opening a fourth location sometime in the future. 

BIG Bee Cave is currently taking enrollment applications. 

To learn how to become a BIG citizen, click here.