AUSTIN — Dozens of children found their forever homes Thursday morning as Austin hosted its annual Adoption Day.

Among the crowd of children was five-year-old Jesse Morton.

"What is today," asked Nikki Morton.

"My adoption," Jesse replied.

"What does that mean," Nikki responded.

"I'm going to be with you forever," Jesse told his new mother.

Jesse, along with Adam, are the newest members of the Morton family.

"We knew we had already bonded with these kids and we didn't want to send them with strangers," Nikki explained.

A year ago, Nikki and her husband Matthew did not have kids.

"God put these kids in our life," Matthew explained, as he glanced at all six of his kids.

The Mortons decided to give struggling children a better chance in life. They adopted four children last December, and another two during Adoption Day.

"If we can use this as an opportunity to show love and kindness in this world, and fight for them, then that's what it's all about," Nikki said as tears rolled down her eyes.

As of this year, more than 20,000 neglected and abused children have been removed from their homes across the state of Texas.

There are 122 children in Travis County waiting to be adopted, hoping to get a chance just like little Jesse did.

"I love them because they opened their heart for me," the five-year-old said full of emotions because he is seeing a happy ending, and a start to a new beginning.

"These kids are worth it and they need love and family," Nikki said, "if we can do that then it works out."

Travis County is currently looking for more people hoping to adopt. This year alone, more than 5,000 children like Jesse were able to find a forever home.

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