ROUNDROCK, Texas -- Students throughout Central Texas are getting ready for the start of school in a couple of weeks. On their parents' to-do-list; make sure the kids have all their shots.

There are a few exceptions to the vaccination rule, but for the most part state law requires a student be up-to-date or they can't start school.

Students across the state are at the time where vacation meets vaccination, adding to their parents back-to-school list.

The hard part is remembering to bring in the records and getting them signed, said Leslie Cruz of Round Rock. It's a little bit of a hassle and takes some planning ahead of time.

Cruz has two students in the Round Rock Independent School District. The vaccination requirements there are the same as in Austin, or anywhere else in Texas.

The CDC puts out the minimum vaccine requirements, said Sandy Headley, the director of health services for Round Rock ISD. Then the state decides for sure what it is that we need. They can go above that if they need to, but it's statewide.

Dr. Lamia Kadir is a family medicine physician at Round Rock St. David's Medical Center. She says students get most vaccinations during regular doctor's visits and are usually up-to-date by the time they start school. Kadir sees first-hand the effectiveness of vaccinations in keeping children healthy.

T-DAP, MR (measles, mumps, Rubella), Varicella (which is chicken pox), Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, they all have their place, said Kadir. They've all been studied. We didn't just come up with a random set of seven or eight. There is well documented medical evidence they prevent disease, and they keep kids healthy.

If everybody is vaccinated then most of those diseases are gone, so we don't have to really worry about them anymore, said Hutto resident Ledell Maynor.

Maynor says concerns about possible health risks associated with vaccinations prompted him to file for an exemption for his children, something the state allows for parents with religious, or philosophical objections.

I'm not going to put my kids at risk for something that's a minimal risk anyway, he said.

Cruz says it's hard to ignore the value of vaccinations.

Some of the diseases they are vaccinated against, if they were to come back, it would devastating, said Cruz. It's hard enough to make school attendance with all the common colds, and the things that do go around school.

Technically, the law states students cannot start school unless their vaccinations are up to date, but there are provisions. Those students transferring from another Texas school, who's family is in the military or homeless, have 30-days to provide their district with proof of immunizations.

There are also certain vaccinations that college students must have.

Here's a link to those CDC guidelines.