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Five safety questions you should ask your kids' school

For many Central Texas districts, the first day of class is only days away.

AUSTIN, Texas — With school just days away, we spoke with the executive director of the School Safety Advocacy Council to find out exactly what questions you should be asking your child’s school.

Here’s question number one:

“When was the last time this school was assessed for its school safety needs from outside the school?” 

This is so that you can make sure there are several different areas of safety being addressed. 

Question number two: 

“Who manages the visitors on our campus? Is it easy for parents to come and go, or visitors to come and go without being checked or screened?”

Lavarello said that this is so that the school can easily identify people who shouldn’t be on campus. 

Question number three: 

“I want my school leaders, my principal, that area’s superintendent, to have a good engaging relationship, with local law enforcement, be it the sheriff, be it the police department. They may not have to be there all day, but will they come by the school everyday?” 

Question number four: 

“Are the gates left unlocked around the school?” 

Question number five: 

“Is there a single point of entry, and is there good signage that directs parents where to go and where not to go?” 

That way the school can keep a close eye on who is coming onto campus.


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