AUSTIN — Most of us enjoy getting to see the Longhorns play and especially so if it's a win like they had over Tulsa. Even with the chance of rain, it didn't stop the tailgaters from taking their place around the stadium and having a good time.

For some, like the Burnt Orange Bleeders, they decided to put their tailgating to a good cause.

"We're tailgating today," said Michael Milliken. "We're here to help support the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation and also have a bunch of friends to have a good time and hopefully enjoy some good Texas football."

The group has been tailgating for years but this is the first one where they are raising money for the foundation. They decided that was the right group since the foundation has helped out the brother of John Taylor who was paralyzed in 1997.

"We hope to raise money for a cause that's very near and dear to our hearts," said Taylor. "You know it's not easy being a quadriplegic in his case, but this foundation is instrumental in helping deal with that."

One of the founders of the group, Doug England, came and showed his support at the game. He also likes the connection, since he used to suit up for the Longhorns on Saturdays, years ago.

"Yea so to tie in with UT football and to the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation -- it's undeniable to me," said England.

If you would like to donate to the foundation you can do so by clicking here.