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Central Texas family rescues dog abandoned in backpack

The dachshund was found malnourished, abused and stuffed in a backpack near Old Florence Road in Killeen.

KILLEEN, Texas — A dog left in a backpack on the side of the street in Killeen is on the way to recovery after a Central Texas family found him and took him in.

Gina Ray was driving on Old Florence Road in Killeen on Saturday when she saw an oddly-positioned backpack near the road. Her instincts to check it out brought her a new friend and is restoring faith in humanity for the dog.

"I guess being nosy paid off this time," Ray explained. "At first all I seen was the top of his head, thought it was a little baby and then he popped out."

She didn't instantly try to get the dog out as she didn't know what type of condition he was in or if he was going to be agitated. She said the backpack smelt really bad and was filled with pee and feces.

With her mother-in-law, the two were able to get the dachshund out of the bag -- that is when they were shocked by the condition he was in.

"The goal is to get his weight up," Ray explained. "He's an average 10 pounds, he's at six pounds right now."

The veterinary the Rays took the dog to estimate he is around 8-years-old. He is skin and bones, and also has knicks and cuts all over his little body. Ray said he will also have to have his back leg amputated as it's beyond repair.

"You know what breaks my heart is that had she not stopped, he will still be there," Ray's mother-in-law said.

Ray said it's hard to believe someone would do this to him, but she and her family are giving him the love he needs and deserves.

"To me, anybody that can do this to an animal that's living and breathing,  what else can they do," she added. "Can they do it to a human being, I mean why would they do that? You don't deserve any animals or anything actually. I'm a big believer of karma. You don't deserve that animal and now we will take care of him.

The Rays are working as a team to turn the dachshund, who they have temporarily decided to call 'Road Warrior,' into a healthy, happy dog.

"It's been really good, he's very calm, he loves you even though he's been abused," Ray said.

He's eating well, per the doctor's orders and even though he doesn't move real well -- he's got a new found sense of confidence and is running straight toward a better future.

"He will be babied and spoiled like he already is," Ray added.

The Ray family is hoping to have the amputation surgery in a couple days.

6 News will check back in on the 'Road Warrior' and will provide an update of his recovery and second chance at life.

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