An elderly woman's family is filing a $1 million lawsuit against an Austin nursing home after video surfaced of a nursing assistant allegedly taunting the woman with a feather as she smeared her own feces on her face.

In the suit filed May 5, Chandler McCaughan -- the son of the 83-year-old woman featured in the video -- cites Windsor Nursing and Rehabilitation Services of Duval for allegedly failing to report the incident to law enforcement and their family. The lawsuit also accuses the nursing home of negligently hiring Carlos Santacruz, 23. As a result, the lawsuit alleges more people at the nursing home were at risk of being "abused."

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The lawsuit claims Santacruz should not have been hired to work at the nursing home because he has a lengthy arrest record which includes drug charges, criminal mischief and fraud.

On April 5, Santacruz was identified as the accused assistant and charged with misdemeanor injury to the elderly by contact.

Charles McCaughan removed his mother from the nursing home after the incident. In a previous interview with KVUE, he said he hoped the District's Attorney's Office would step in to hold the nursing assistant accountable.