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Breaking down the numbers: Vote count officially finalized in Travis County for 2020 election

With the vote count officially finalized, Travis County voters showed up in record fashion.

AUSTIN, Texas — The final 2020 election vote count is in for Travis County.

The county commissioners voted Nov.12 to approve the county's official ballot count. Here's where the final numbers stand.

More than 612,600 people voted in Travis County this November election. That's about 71% of eligible voters. 

Most of those voters, 492,616, cast their ballot early. More than 69,000 voters cast their ballot by mail, and 50,521 people cast their ballots on Election Day.

"That's the biggest turnout by mail we have ever had," Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir said during the meeting the Travis County Commissioners Court meeting.

In Travis County, 72% of voters cast their ballot for President-elect Joe Biden. Williamson and Hays counties flipped from red to blue in the presidential election.

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In 2016, 477,588 people in Travis County voted throughout the early voting and Election Day period, DeBeauvoir said. Travis County beat that turnout about half-way through the 2020 early voting period, DeBeauvoir said.

The 18 to 34 age group turned out to vote in person in an amount that was the largest category of voters, 50% higher than the next age group, which was 50 to 64 year olds. The lowest in-person turnout of voters was among the 65 and up age group.

The Travis County clerk also addressed allegations from some Travis County poll watchers. One poll watcher who was arrested accused the Travis County Clerk's Office of not allowing her sufficient access to the vote counters. 

DeBeauvoir said the facility was built about six years ago, and she said the arrangement for poll watchers and the media in the Travis County vote-count process was agreed upon for several years, up until this past election process in 2020.

"Nobody had any problems, in fact, everybody loved our arrangement," she said. "Up until just this past year, and suddenly, there was a problem that poll watchers said they couldn't see."

She said that, keeping with COVID-19 safety guidelines, she did make accommodations for the two poll watchers who she said continued to complain. 

On Nov. 8, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a brief in the Texas Supreme Court arguing that under the Texas Election Code, county election officials must permit poll watchers to observe the counting of ballots. Matt Mackowiak, the Travis County Republican Party and Martin Harry also filed a petition in the Texas Supreme Court on Nov. 8. 

The Travis County Supreme Court later declined to take up the cases regarding poll watching in the state.

Meanwhile, there are still some states counting ballots as of Nov. 13. ABC News is projecting that President-elect Joe Biden will win Arizona. That's the first time Arizona has gone blue since the 1990s.

President Donald Trump still has not conceded.

WATCH: Poll watcher arrested in Travis County


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