Progress seen at the polls, as Texans are turning out to cast their primary ballot.

"There's a new attitude about voting that I very much appreciate. Voting is kind of hot," said Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir, who's encouraged by the early voting numbers and registration in Travis County.

Compared to the last gubernatorial election in 2014, voter registration in Travis County has increased by nearly 112,000 people.

In addition, early voting rates have also jumped.

The first seven days of early voting in 2014, about 3.13% of voters turned out. During the same time period this cycle, about 5.16% of voters have cast ballots.

"We were hopeful for a high turnout, we were hoping for 20%, and it looks like we might very well beat that so that's certainly exciting," DeBeauvoir explained.

Outside a north Austin voting location, people shared why they turned out.

"I think it's important for people to vote in this state. We have a very low voter turnout in both parties, said Tony Knutsen.

"You have to vote on the things that you believe are correct for the country, added Jack Gibson.

For a state that's struggled historically with voter apathy - the last time more than 50% of Texans voted in a presidential election was 1900 - DeBeauovir is hopeful early totals could signal a shift.

"It used to be people would say 'ah, what difference does it make, it's just my vote and it's not going to count.' No, no, no. Overwhelming numbers can overwhelm anything," DebBeauvoir said.

Neighboring Williamson County has seen similarly strong turnout. Through seven days in the 2014 cycle, about 3.54% of voters showed up. In the same time period this cycle, that number has spiked to 5.84%.

While percentages were not immediately available in Hays County, the overall numbers show a major jump as well. Through the first week of early voting this year, 5,340 votes have been cast. In 2014 - that number was just 2,126.

DeBeauvoir hoped the trend towards increased early voting continues.

"The thing about people coming out to early vote is that it does take the pressure off that one election day. So we encourage people to take advantage of early voting. Don't wait until the last minute of the last day of early voting either," said DeBeauvoir.

Early voting ends on Friday, and Election Day is Tuesday, March 6th.