The Department of State Health Services is investigating whether or not a teenage boy died from West Nile Virus Sunday in Bastrop County.

Cody Hopkins, 13, was admitted to Dell Children's hospital at the beginning of October after he told family members he was feeling ill, Cody's Pastor Greg Long of Pines Cowboy Church told KVUE.

Long said after many negative tests, doctors tested the 13-year-old for West Nile and told the family he did have the virus.

Thursday, Oct. 13, DSHS confirmed Cody was, in fact, diagnosed with West Nile virus.

Cody's mother Lacey Hopkins reached out to KVUE's sister station KENS in San Antonio and told them Cody's condition fell into the one percent category. As a result, the virus affected his brain and forced him to lose all motor function and speech ability.

Pastor Long said he saw Cody in the hospital twice; the first time being Monday, Oct. 3 when he said Cody appeared " a little off but normal". However, by Friday, Long noted Cody's condition took a turn for the worse and he succumbed to his illness Sunday.

While the Texas Department of State Health Services said Cody did have the virus in his system, they could not confirm that the virus was the lone cause of his death. Officials said they will continue to investigate before they release that information.

Pastor Long said the family of the 13-year-old is currently grieving but added they are grateful for the doctors and everything they did for Cody in his final days.

According to the CDC, deaths from West Nile are rare. Since 1999, of the nearly 44,000 confirmed cases, only 1,911 people have died. Thirty-five people have died in 2016 with Colorado and Texas leading the nation in deaths. Officials note the majority of those who die are older than 50.

This is a developing story. KVUE will update this page as more information becomes available.