AUSTIN -- Reports show nearly 20 children have already died due to drownings in Texas this year, and a local organization is striving to stop it.

Colin's Hope focuses on water safety and drowning prevention. Alissa Magrum, a spokesperson with the organization, said 78 children died in Texas due to drownings last year.

"Many people think that they're going to hear something or see something if a child gets into trouble, but in fact drowning is fast and drowning is silent,” said Magrum. “We lose children in bathtubs and backyard pools and in the beautiful Lake Travis.”

She said the worst part is that drownings are preventable. She said parents should appoint an adult water guardian whose job is to keep a close eye on the kids.

“We see kids drowning in water and there were adults around and everyone thought someone else was watching,” said Magrum.

She also said it’s important to wear a life jacket that fits properly. Colin’s Hope partnered up Travis County Parks to put out several Life Jacket Loaner Stations in the Austin area, so people can borrow one for free.

Jeremy Bard, who was visiting Lake Travis, picked one up at the Mansfield Dam Park for his 15-month-old son, and he’s glad he did.

"I worry about it all the time,” said Bard. “My son's so small, so with the wake of a large vessel it could topple him over. God forbid something happen, it's just extra protection."