It is almost spring time and that means wedding season is around the corner.

With that said, one Central Texas city has become a destination for couples across the state. So much so, it was named the "Wedding Capital of Texas."

Karen Moise owns and operates "Ma Maison,” a highly-rated wedding venue in Dripping Springs.

"I love doing it, because every wedding is completely different,” said Moise. "I have three daughters of my own, and so I feel like every wedding is another extension and another daughter.”

“Ma Maison” is French for "my house.” It is a 23-acre property with balconies, grand entrances, oaks and even its own bell that someone rings when the bride is ready to walk down the aisle.

But the most popular site on the property is the green refurbished gazebo.

The Moises said it is originally from France, and they found it in Houston, where Moise did special events for fun.

Moise said she noticed a shift in attitudes toward weddings before opening Ma Maison in 2014.

“A lot of the girls wanted to come to Austin to get married,” she said. “There was a huge shift from getting married in your family church and then having your reception like at a club or at a hotel or something. They wanted a different experience."

Dripping Springs was named the Wedding Capital of Texas three years ago.

“On average, we host over 4,000 weddings a year,” said Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce CEO Sherrie Parks.

The chamber said the city benefits economically from the tourism. So why is Dripping Springs a big wedding destination?

“Even though we're growing rapidly, we still keep that small town atmosphere," said Parks. "Our couples that come here to get married love it."

Each married couple gets a “Wedding Capital of Texas" certificate whether they are from Houston, Austin or Italy.

“The primary focus of your wedding day should be to celebrate the union of two people,” said Moise.