SPICEWOOD, Texas — Dozens of protesters gathered off Highway 71 Saturday morning to voice their opposition to a rock-crushing quarry in Spicewood.

Protesters said the quarry brings a lot of health and safety concerns to those living in the area.

"This is our final home spot," said Robin Mayfield. "We moved out here because we wanted to live in the peace and quiet area."


Fear growing over rock-crushing quarry between 2 Spicewood neighborhoods

Mayfield is one of dozens of homeowners protesting a new rock quarry expected to be built on a piece of land right between Spicewood trails and the Doublehorn Estates.

"I'm concerned about my children getting exposed to all of this," she said. "I have asthma so I'm concerned about what it'll do with my lungs as I get older."

Grant Dean, president of the Texas Environmental Protection Commission, said no one would ever want this kind of business in their backyard.

"They're not building in their back yards and I can assure you that," Dean said. "They're putting it in our back yards and taking the profit."

"It's going to produce a lot of sound, booms and dust," Mayfield explained. "It changes everything from what I anticipated to move here for."

The group of protesters are pushing the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and lawmakers to stop this from happening. They said they've also considered filing a lawsuit.

"Perhaps they should move to an area not populated by homes and children," Mayfield said, "it does not belong in a residential area."

The group said they will continue to host town hall meetings and raise awareness on the issue until something is done to find a solution for their concern.