MANOR, Texas — After a stormy early morning Thursday, a deputy was on her way to rescue a person who was stuck in high water when her vehicle stalled out in floodwaters in Manor.

During a press conference Thursday afternoon, officials said the water reached the bumpers of her car. The Travis County deputy then got on the hood of her patrol car while she waited for help at the 11900 block of Hibbs Lane. While she waited, she could hear someone else calling out for help.

Crews arrived, and the deputy alerted her rescuers to man nearby hanging onto a tree.

The deputy was hoisted by a Star Flight helicopter to safety while the person hanging onto the tree was rescued by a boat, the Travis County Sheriff's Office told KVUE.

A separate crew was able to save the person the deputy was trying to drive to in the first place, the sheriff's office said.

During the press conference, officials added the deputy did not cross any barriers before she got stuck and that this could have happened to anyone.


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