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Daybreak Adventures: A bouncy house on water at Quest ATX

One look at this crazy looking obstacle course and you'll be feeling all kinds of 'Wipeout' vibes.

With this summer heat, we're always looking for ways to cool down.

Just outside of Creedmoor, about 15 minutes outside of Austin, there's a new water park called Quest ATX. Team Daybreak tackled this aquatic obstacle course, and let's just say it's guaranteed to have you slipping, sliding and laughing the whole way through.

This time, Team Daybreak brought along some of our KVUE co-workers, and Quest ATX owner, Jerry Taylor, had a full staff on hand.

"This year we just opened the water park. It's basically a bouncy house on the water," he said.

One look at this crazy looking obstacle course and you'll be feeling all kinds of "Wipeout" vibes. Remember that ABC show?

After a quick swim out to the course, the adventure crew was ready to tackle that thing. At first, we branched off to test the equipment. The rope ladder seemed challenging at first but Erika got the hang of it after a while. And the slides may have been slick but Bryan didn't give up.

However, there were still a few faceplants as our teams learned the course.

From low to high, the aquatic playground had something for everyone to smile about.

"We have a rock wall. We have some little slides, big slides. We have hurdles to get across. There are even some monkey bars that will bring you back to the old school days," said Taylor.

Aside from the obstacle course, you can even try your hand at the rocket and the blob. It's all about falling and getting back up.

And if you still can't master the course, just take it in stride and laugh at yourself. Team KVUE sure did!

Quest ATX is fun for the entire family. You've got to be 7 years old and 45 inches tall to try it out.

Passes start at $15 and go up depending on how long you stay out on the course. By the way, there's also a cable wakeboard park on site.

CLICK HERE for ticket information.

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