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David Bowie St. sign in Austin ch-ch-changes again

David Bowie Street has reversed back to its original name, Bowie Street.
Nearly a week after the make-shift memorial was covertly placed, the David Bowie St. sign has been removed.

AUSTIN -- David Bowie Street is no more. Early Tuesday, the City of Austin took down the temporary sign and reverted the street back to its original name, Bowie Street.

Last week, South by Southwest co-founder Roland Swensen and sign maker Jason Carter covertly replaced the Bowie Street sign near 5th Street with a sign that read, "David Bowie St." evidently in the early morning hours of Jan.13. The street sign appeared days after the musician died at the age of 69 from cancer. The city denied its role in the signage change and Swensen and Carter came forward to take responsibility for the sign.

The city said it attempted to remove the David Bowie St decal from the sign Tuesday morning, but that didn't work. The city decided to recycle the sign as they do with any that need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear or if they are damaged/vandalized.

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