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Some CTRMA, TxTag customers charged late fees in error, refund coming soon

CTRMA said the vendor error impacted about 1,200 customers.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) said some customers should expect a refund after a vendor issue caused incorrect late fee charges.

Keith Billington has two issues with TxTag and the CTRMA. The first issue is customer service. He said he couldn't get anyone on the phone at TxTag to update his payment information. 

"My wife tried to update the credit card but wasn't able to do it on the website, so she started calling them to get updates, but she would be on hold for 45 minutes," said Billington. "Over the last year, she hasn't been able to resolve that issue."

So now, the Billingtons pay their toll bills with a check through the mail, but even that didn't keep the family from dealing with another issue: incorrect late fees. 

"Got the invoice from them and she said that showed a late charge," said Billington. "She said I've been really good because I know how much of a pain they've been to deal with that I'm paying them as soon as I get them." 

The late fees are $14 per bill and they received two. Luckily, Billington caught the error before paying the additional fees, but still, he said he couldn't get anyone on the phone to explain. 

"There's no ability to get anything fixed there. They're making errors like crazy," Billington said. "My wife and I both work and to sit on the phone for 45 minutes and then just get randomly disconnected, yeah." 

CTRMA said Billington is one of 1,200 customers impacted by a vendor issue that delayed posting payments from Oct. 21 to Nov. 14. The agency said it found out about the delay on Nov. 9. Letters notifying impacted customers will go out at the end of this week.

CTRMA said refunds will be issued to those customers who paid the nonpayment fee in error. These customers should allow seven to 10 business days for the refunds to be manually processed and mailed. All non-payment fees assessed in error during this timeframe due to the payment posting delay were reversed on Nov. 16. Customers can confirm this action online.

CTRMA said refunds to those who paid will go out soon as well.

"I'm like, one of these days, somebody's attorney is going to get, there's going to be a big class action lawsuit because a lot of these have slipped through and they've overbilled a ton of people," said Billington. 

Billington said now, when they receive a bill, they'll be scanning it along with the payment just in case they have another billing issue.

Billington's story is one example of the weekly emails KVUE receives from viewers regarding billing issues with TxTag and CTRMA. 

The state runs the tolling agencies. At last check, no state leaders have filed legislation to improve toll billing in the upcoming legislative session.

The Texas House Transportation Committee said they are following the issue closely.

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