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Couple publishes book featuring Austin's weird homes

A portion of "Weird Homes: The People and Places That Keep Austin Strangely Wonderful" proceeds will go toward affordable housing non-profits.

For five years an Austin couple has been hosting a weird homes tour. Now, David and Chelle Neff showcase their favorite homes in their book "Weird Homes: The People and Places That Keep Austin Strangely Wonderful."

"What this book is is a preservation of weird homes in Austin," Chelle said.

"It's about the actual people who are just amazing artists," David added. "You have to think your most private art gallery is what's in your home and these people, talking to them, having them explain why they did this, has just been an amazing experience."

Lois Goodman is one homeowner featured in the book.

"It's so cool," Goodman said. "They say my house is 'under the sea' because my fence is the sea."

Goodman not only has a weird home, but a weird car.

"Mermania," she said. "It's three mermaids and the back is a sea."

The Neffs said they wrote their book is to inspire others.

"For folks who read it to go home and be like, 'Oh, wow, I can do that wall I always wanted to do, purple is not that out there,'" David said.

"Most people are afraid to let their freak flag fly in the terms of decorating their home from their soul, and we're hoping that we're able to make a difference in that and people feel more free to do and be who they are," Goodman said.

A portion of the book's sales will go toward affordable housing non-profits. This year's Austin weird homes tour will take place April 21.

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