GEORGETOWN, Texas — Several volunteers from Vaughn Construction helped dogs that need forever homes at the Georgetown Fairgrounds Saturday.

More than 80 dogs from the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter are temporarily being housed there as the new facility on Inner Loop Drive is undergoing construction and renovations.

A press release the company sent out said the team planned on replacing and repairing storm-damaged awnings as well as adding water misters to the puppy place.

The 13 volunteers also built long dog runs and assisted in reorganizing the administrative spaces impacted by the ongoing renovations.

"We set this facility up for them to help with the transition and the growth period that they're having. So, when we sat down as a group, it was just an easy decision," said John Kilsby, the operations manager for Vaughn Construction. "The inconvenience for the animals and the people to get a better product, it just made sense."

Construction and renovations for the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter are expected to wrap up in the Spring.