Despite Mayor Steve Adler's efforts to ease rush hour traffic Wednesday morning with "Austin Don't Rush" Day, KVUE captured mixed reactions from commuters.

When KVUE posted on Twitter and Facebook asking for followers' experience on Austin's roads, the feeds were inundated with furious comments:

In addition to typical morning rush hour traffic, several major accidents didn't help the flow of vehicles either. One crash in northeast Austin sent three children and three adults to hospitals. They are expected to be okay.

However, there were also a number of folks, who avoided the morning rush and were excited about "Austin Don’t Rush" day.

At the Howard Metro Rail station, KVUE News talked to Austin resident Laura Smith who said she came out to ride the train for the first time because of the free rides available.

"I'm going to catch the light rail, I don't care which way it goes, I'm going to take a round trip, so I will end up back here no matter what happens,” Smith said.

Another resident said he shifted his work schedule to take the train to Downtown Austin.

"So today I'm taking the train, to get to work [and rearranging] my schedule a little bit to avoid the rush hour traffic. Thought it was a good idea by the mayor and that's what brought me out here today,” said Sunny Sneckner, Austin resident.

However some rail commuters experienced delays due to lightning that struck a signal control.