Austin Habitat for Humanity kicked off its first ever Youth Build on Saturday.

The May 13 build brought together kids ages 5-18 to build and paint playhouses. The project aims to give them some hands-on experience at a young age, since the typical Habitat for Humanity build sites are too dangerous for young children.

Habitat volunteer Taylor Thompson, 18, led the youth build.

"It's an opportunity to both get involved with the fundraising and to be involved with the actual hands on building," said Thompson.

At 15, he raised more than $85,000 to build an Austin Habitat home in honor of his mother. Thompson hopes to pass his experiences down to Central Texas' next generation. Cade Scott, the son of local entrepreneur, Kendra Scott, will take his place in leading the youth when Thompson goes off to college next year.

"It gives you good values, good morals, but it also -- it's given me a lot of confidence," added Thompson.

The various groups collaborated on a design for each of the playhouses. At the end of the day, the volunteers donated them to local organization, Any Baby Can.