AUSTIN, Texas — Drugs, domestic violence and homelessness appear to be chronic problems in a North Austin community, and residents want solutions.

More than two dozen community members expressed their concerns about the Rundberg Lane and North Lamar Boulevard area at a meeting Monday night at the Georgian Manor Community Room in North Austin.

At the meeting, council member Greg Casar -- whose district serves the area -- told the crowd domestic violence makes up a big chunk of the violent crime.

"Those are the sorts of things that, no matter how much you patrol a neighborhood, you aren't going to see because you need to get people to call in, to trust that we're there to help, and to get people out of dangerous situations in the first place," he said.

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The city is focused on raising awareness about what domestic violence looks like and the resources that are available for victims.

Another chunk of the crime in the area involves people experiencing homelessness and addiction. Mental health resources are crucial in these cases, he said.

"No matter how much it is that we continue to staff all of our public safety departments, and no matter how much we keep cycling people in and out of the jail, we see these persistent issues," Casar said.

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Tandera Louie, who lives in the Rundberg/North Lamar area and is a representative for the Community Development Commission, told KVUE another concern residents share is the amount of sex work happening in the neighborhood. 

While the city hopes to tackle these issues, she's interested in improving the area's reputation.

"I think we need to start with a campaign for Rundberg because too many people have negative thoughts about this neighborhood, and it's not a bad neighborhood. I love living here," Louie said.

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Casar said he is taking everything he heard at the meeting Monday night and bringing it to his discussions with other city council members and the city manager as they begin work on their next budget.

His goal, he said, is to bring more resources to the area.


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