AUSTIN — From affordable housing to roadway construction to parks, voters had a series of decisions to make about hundreds of millions of dollars worth of propositions on their 2018 midterm ballots.

Residents expect exceptional first responders, well maintained roads and sidewalks, and beautiful green spaces and libraries, among other things. And while those property tax bills keep increasing, city leaders said they don't have enough money to do it all.

That's where bond propositions come in. Asking taxpayers to pay a little more each month to get more services. Austinites had seven of these propositions on the November ballot which total $925 million. All seven of the propositions passed.

Mayor Steve Adler likens the monthly cost to homeowners as a cup of Starbucks. Of course, that cup gets bigger depending on how much your house is worth.

Here’s what voters decided on for propositions A through G.

Austin voters approve more than $200M for affordable housing

Proposition A puts aside $250 million for affordable housing, broken into the following categories:

  • $100 million for land acquisition
  • $94 million for rental housing development assistance projects
  • $28 million for acquisition and development homeownership program
  • $28 million for home repair program

More than $100M in tax dollars to go toward Austin libraries, museums and arts facilities

Proposition B puts aside $128 million for libraries, museums and cultural arts facilities, broken into the following categories:

• $56.5 million for cultural center improvements

• $34.5 million for branch library renovations

• $25 million for the Dougherty Arts Center replacement facility

• $12 million for creative spaces

Austin parks and pools to get facelift thanks to $150M proposition

Proposition C sets aside $149 million for parks and recreation, broken into the following categories:

• $45 million for parkland acquisition

• $40 million for aquatics

• $25 million for parkland improvements

• $21.5 million for building renovations

• $17.5 million for infrastructure

Nearly $185M allocated to flood mitigation, water quality projects in Austin

Proposition D allocates $184 million for flood mitigation, open space and water quality protection projects, broken into the following categories:

• $112 million for drainage and stormwater projects

• $72 million for Acquisition of water quality protection and land

Austin voters to pitch in $16M to health and human services

Proposition E gives $16 million to health and human services, broken into the following category:

• $16 million for the Dove Springs Neighborhood Services Center

Austin fire and EMS stations to see $38M in renovations thanks to approved proposition

Proposition F puts aside $38 million for pubic safety, broken into the following categories:

• $25 million for emergency medical services station renovations

• $13 million for fire station renovations

$160M of Austin taxpayer money to go toward transportation infrastructure

Proposition G gives $160 million to transportation infrastructure, broken into the following categories:

• $66.5 million for street reconstruction

• $50 million for bridges and structures

• $20 million for sidewalk rehabilitation

• $15 million for Vision Zero and transportation safety

• $4.5 million for signals and technology

• $3 million for urban trails

• $1 million for the neighborhood partnering program