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City of Austin begins debris removal process, provides resources

Austin Public Works is focusing on removing debris from streets, sidewalks and some driveways.

AUSTIN, Texas —

The recovery process is underway across Austin after a winter storm struck this week. On Friday, crews started clearing out large debris that fell around residents' property. 

Austin Public Works is focusing on removing debris from streets, sidewalks and some driveways. The department is asking that if you encounter debris in public areas, leave it and let City crews handle the situation because it could be considered unsafe. The department is also asking that you call 311 if you see large debris.

"Right now, we're focused on the major arterials of the road, giving people through. But then focus on the neighborhoods. We have crews [that] are operating 24 hours a day to remove that debris," James Snow, interim director for Austin Public Works, said. "Obviously, we see us moving from worrying about treating roads to actually removing debris. So we brought in additional people to work on that."

Snow said crews are only available for emergency at night, but they will be out in full force during the day because it is safer.

"If they're not able to take care of it, we're currently working on an agreement with a nonprofit to help assist with that. So, typically, the target for that is going to be those who are either physically disabled or who may not have the financial means to be able to have that done on their own. And so once we get that agreement solidified, then we'll get that message out," said Ken Snipes, director of Austin Resource Recovery. "It's a public health hazard, so we want to make sure that it's a safety hazard as well. And so, we want to make sure that we're doing what we can to help support people in our communities."

After clearing up the debris from your property, you are asked to put it on the curb and the City will remove it.

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