PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — A 3-year-old Pflugerville boy got a lot of help Saturday morning celebrating his birthday.

"I knew it would be amazing, but just blew our minds," the boy's mother, Naomi Young, told KVUE.

Members of the Sentinels Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club's Sentex Chapter and several others rode to the boy's home in Pflugerville -- just to wish him a happy birthday.

"It means a lot to me knowing how busy they are that they're willing to take this much time to show us some low and respect for a complete stranger," Steven Young, Eko's father, said.

Eko isn't just another 3-year-old who adores law enforcement. Doctors diagnosed him with leukemia in June.

Ray Garcia, a member of the Sentinels Sentex Chapter, told KVUE they wanted to make Eko's birthday this year special.

"Someone that's that young having to go through this kind of thing and put up that kind of fight at that young of an age ... I mean, we can't even begin to understand what he's going through," Garcia said. "But to show him love and be there for him is just going to help him with his fight."

It's a fight Eko and his parents will be battling for years to come. Eko has to undergo treatment for roughly the next three years with more visits to the doctor than any child his age would like, according to his mother.

"Yesterday, we had our clinic appointment. He was just in the hospital all day, and it was not the best way to spend his birthday. And so, it's just so nice that this is making up for it," Eko's mother said.

Saturday morning's surprise is a present Eko can't unwrap or hold, but one he'll never forget.