A father and son from Lakeway were killed in Thursday's attack in Nice, France a family spokeswoman has confirmed.

Sean Copeland, 51, and his son Brodie, 11, died in the attack and the family issued the following statement:

"We are heartbroken and in shock over the loss of Brodie Copeland, an amazing son and brother who lit up our lives, and Sean Copeland, a wonderful husband and father. They are so loved."

According to Jess Davis, the family spokesperson, Sean's wife Kim and their two other children are still in France, in grief over the mass terror attack. In the midst of a European vacation to celebrate two birthdays in the family, they visited Pamplona and Barcelona before reaching the town of Nice. Sean's wife Kim, who turns 40 on Monday, and Sean's other son Austin, who just turned 22 last week.

Two of Sean's brothers are set to fly with the State Department to pick up the family and bring everyone home, according to Troy Copeland, Sean's brother. They expect to leave either Friday or Saturday.

Nieces and cousins of Copeland's first posted the news on Twitter and Facebook Thursday night.

During the attack, the family was among hundreds celebrating Bastille Day in France.

A representative with the Lake Travis Independent School District confirmed Friday that Brodie had just completed fifth grade at Lakeway Elementary School and was headed to middle school.

KVUE News talked to a Lakeway resident, who said he believes his grandson might have known Brodie, as they went to the same school.

“It is very shocking, as a matter of fact, first thing I thought of is going to the funeral, and I just found out it’s a small 11-year-old boy that my grandson probably goes to school with, so we’ll have to approach him and somehow explain it to him," said John Pizzola.

A Facebook post from the Hill Country Baseball Club, a youth baseball league, identified Brodie as one of its players. The baseball club has created a gofundme page for the Copeland family.

A photo taken of the father and son on a baseball mound.
A photo taken of the father and son on a baseball mound.

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Brodie also acted at kidsActing's Center Stage Theatre, according to the company. The company released a statement after learning of his death.

"Brodie Copeland was a bright, conscientious, talented, member of our kidsActing family," the statement read in part. "Brodie could make an audience laugh and then bring tears to their eyes with his sincere, poignant performances. Most recently, he sang and danced into our hearts as the King in Cinderella, Michael Darling in Peter Pan and Daddy Warbucks in Annie. We will always hold Brodie and his family in our hearts and pray for healing and peace in the world."

"A joyful boy who brought smiles to all around him, he was a sparkling addition to many shows here at kidsActing's Center Stage Theatre," the statement read in part.
"A joyful boy who brought smiles to all around him, he was a sparkling addition to many shows here at kidsActing's Center Stage Theatre," the statement read in part.

Lexmark, who employed Copeland, gave KVUE a statement that read:

"Today, Lexmark is saddened to learn that our employee and friend, Sean Copeland, and his son, Brodie, were killed in the attack in Nice, France last night. Sean was not only a terrific leader in the company but a phenomenal person who will be dearly missed. Our hearts go out to Sean and his family, and for everyone who is suffering in France and elsewhere from this senseless violent act."

Speaking on behalf of the Lakeway community, Lakeway Mayor Joe Bain said "our thoughts and prayers are with the Copeland family in their time of mourning."

"The Lakeway community is like family, and we have lost two of our members. We stand together with the Copelands," Bain's statement read.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement after hearing the news.

"While every heinous attack like this is tragic, this latest one hits close to home," Abbott's statement read in part. "Cecilia and I ask that Texans join us in praying for all of the victims, and especially the Copeland family as they mourn the loss of a devoted father and loving son."

Congressman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) also offered his support: