CALDWELL, Texas — Another Central Texas town is trying to get rid of an animal that's causing a lot of problems — and they're willing to pay you to help out.

The Caldwell County Feral Hog Task Force is offering a "bounty" for the animals. From now through August, anyone who brings in a feral hog tail will get $5. 

Caldwell trying to get rid of feral hogs

Texas is home to more than three million feral hogs and they cause up to $500 million in property and agricultural damage each year.

Hays County did a program similar back in 2018.


Hays County feral hog management program prepares for upcoming workshops

Program launching in Hays County to control feral hog population

Feral hogs are a Texas-sized problem for Hays County residents

Officials there said the animals leave behind damage just about everywhere they go.