AUSTIN, Texas — With all the technology and media competing for our attention these days, libraries are thinking outside of the box to attract visitors.

The Buda Public Library is offering a new class on a popular table-top game. 

"Once they're in the library, some people don't realize what the library has to offer," said Martha Sanders, a children's librarian.

The new class being offered every other Monday at 6:30 p.m. is Dungeons and Dragons. It is the game that is making a resurgence in pop culture and communities across the country.

"As a kid, I played," said Ron Gross, who is teaching the class how to play it. "That excitement came back."

Gross pitched the idea to Sanders as a way of attracting young adults – which can be difficult to reach.

"I just remembered it being somewhat of a dark game," said Sanders. "So I said I'm not so sure about Dungeons and Dragons at the library."

Gross told her all about the learning benefits.

"'Because it covers all types of curriculum, including math, English, geography," said Gross.

He said it is making a resurgence because it is fun and a great way of building community.

"We can create this world together," Gross said. "It'd be great to have, to share that experience with everyone here."

The library wants to be a community hub of learning and creativity.

"It's a great way to exercise your imagination," said Gross. "You don't realize how much you're learning as you play."

The classes are free and taught by a volunteer.

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