Dozens of breast cancer survivors dressed up and strutted down the runway for a good cause at Art Bra Austin Saturday night.

Every survivor wore a different unique and elaborate costume designed by an Austin artist. The pieces were auctioned off live during the show, with the proceeds going to an organization that is very close to the survivor's hearts -- the Breast Cancer Resource Center.

BCRC offers multiple services for women fighting breast cancer and survivors such as Audrey Krupa. Krupa said BCRC put her in touch with other women in her situation after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 33-years-old.

"I didn't know anyone else with breast cancer," Krupa said. "I don't have it in my family, so having a built in sisterhood was a huge weight off my chest."

After beating breast cancer, the sisterhood has stayed strong and Art Bra Austin was their time to shine.

"It's a chance to be up on stage and feel beautiful," said survivor Lauren Ward. "To be a model ... and to have that warmth wash over you from audience."

"It's a lot -- a hard process," said survivor Amanda Castro. "So having this to boost your confidence, it really means a lot."

Go here to learn more about BCRC.