Since October, Jordan Maywald has been setting up Christmas lights. That is, in part, because the 18-year-old has to outdo his 30,000 light set up from last year.

"When it gets bigger and bigger every year, it just makes me want to add more and more lights," he said.

And he did. More than 20,000 extra lights this year, creating his largest project to date.

Maywald, a senior at Bowie High School, said he was behind his normal schedule this year because he's also been balancing extra football practice. He's a starting linebacker for the Bowie Bulldogs, who are still playing in the playoffs.

"He's been like - go to football practice, come home, get busy with this [lights]," Jordan's mother Rhonda said. "Then he works out here every night until literally about 11 o'clock."

Jordan and his mother both explained how the soon-to-be college student got started.

"I think it all started when my mom brought an inflatable Santa Claus home," Jordan said. "That's when it all clicked and took off from there."

"It was probably when he was about 6-years-old," Rhonda said. "He started bothering his dad about 'Are we gonna get the lights out, are we gonna get the lights out?'"

She said since then, he's not only helped put the lights up every year, he's taken over decorating and designing them, a task that's grown drastically in recent years.

Jordan's reason for the large display?

"I just love to see people's reactions and faces when they come out here," he said.

And he's now using it to give back to the community as well. Donations made at their house are sent directly to the area's Make-A-Wish foundation. Jordan said it's because their lights and donations are part of something bigger.

"We personally believe it's better to give than to receive," he said. "That's what my parents taught me."

To see Jordan's final creation before he heads off to College, you can visit their home at 10505 Twilight Vista, Austin TX 78736.