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Boomtown's past, present and future: The KVUE live documentary

Boomtown: A city undergoing rapid growth due to sudden prosperity. That's something KVUE explored in a special live documentary. Here's the rundown.
Credit: Submitted by Farhad Ahmadi
WINNING SNAPSHOT FOR JULY! July 20 snapshot Sunset over Austin by Farhad Ahmadi

AUSTIN — Austin, currently experiencing rapid growth due to what many would call sudden prosperity, can almost inarguably be considered a boomtown.

In a special live documentary broadcast, KVUE explored that topic in depth, from the past, to the present and even into the future.

Watch the full live documentary here:

Here's the rundown:

Boomtown yesterday: ‘Don’t build it and they won’t come’ mentality pricing Austinites out

Former City of Austin Mayor Will Wynn discusses Austin's past and the missed opportunities that led to an affordability crisis.

Boomtown today: Defining Code Next, the city's plan to prepare for the boom

As the City of Austin tries to tackle its affordability crisis and plan for the future, the city is undergoing a massive project; rewriting the land development code.

Boomtown tomorrow: Austin's future, and its past, are made up of creativity

From the past to the present, most will agree growth in the city of Austin can be attributed to one thing -- creativity. Austin's most creative -- and its youngest -- minds discuss the boomtown's creative expansion.

Boomtown highways: Fixing four of Austin's busiest roads

As the population of Austin continues to boom, so does the traffic. But how is the boomtown city planning to prepare its roadways?

Boomtown walking tour: Finding the old and the new in Austin

As part of the KVUE Live Doc Boomtown, journalist Ashley Goudeau took a walking tour of Downtown Austin to see firsthand the blend of old and new Austin.

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