AUSTIN — Nearly a month after the Lower Colorado River Authority closed Lake Travis due to recent flooding and unsafe conditions, the lake reopened for recreational use on Wednesday.

Boats appeared back on the water just hours after the LCRA made the announcement.

"I like taking my boat out, like, every other weekend, you know, go for a drive. I miss it," boat owner Gary Gordon told KVUE. "It gives you a good peace of mind. It's relaxing."


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Gordon hasn't been able to access his boat in weeks because the high water blocked off the entrance to the Emerald Pointe Marina.

"Just been weary, man. Just trying to see everything, what happened, what was going on with the boating," he said. "You call the marina, trying to see, 'Hey, what's going on with the boat?' They've been flooded. The water's been all the way up to here."

At 681 feet, Lake Travis is still nearly 20 feet higher than it was at the beginning of October.

"We used to come, drive, and park right here and walk down to get to the boat," Gordon said, pointing at the high water.

Gordon showed KVUE where he's left his boat docked untouched for weeks. He's worried water may have gotten inside.

"It's in OK condition. I'm just curious to go down in the cabin and check the rooms, the bed area, you know," he said.

Just down the dock at a boat rental company, a group of friends visiting from Israel wrapped up a ride on the water. But they didn't take any chances.

"The water is real calm. No wave, no nothing," Oren Cohen said. "We really tried to be in the middle of the lake because we thought it's dangerous on the sides."

Gordon hopes to take his boat out on the water soon, but only when the water recedes just a little bit more.

"I'm tired of waiting," he said. "I'm ready to go out."