AUSTIN -- Some would argue nothing's better than beautiful Texas weather and some delicious Texas barbeque.

Rodeo Austin launched their newest event this weekend -- BBQ Austin. The event drew thousands to the Texas State Fairgrounds for a BBQ competition, life music and other fun events. The event runs Mar. 4-5.

"I think it's one of Austin's greatest weekend,” said visitor Ellen Maples.

A lot of people came from all over to win the title of best BBQ.

"Over 90 teams have come from all over the great state of Texas and they are competing for the title of champion,” said CEO of Rodeo Austin Bucky Lamb

It takes grill experts take months to prepare.

"Selecting meat, ordering meat in, spices and sauces from all over the place,” said cook Jay Tenney.

The cook-off features all the best BBQ masters, where nothing is off-limits.

"Spicy, hot Italian sausages as well as mild and I mix them together and get a whole new flavor,” said IOU head cook Shane Sobon.

Visitors love the variety of BBQ they're able to experience.

"Texas is obviously known for barbecuing,” Maples said. “So, getting everybody's spin on everything is always good."

Visitors are treated to live music, carnival rides and of course enjoy samples of the newest grub

"I think there is a lot of cool free stuff, who doesn't like free things, right?,” said visitor Tyler Pedigo.

And what makes the celebration sweeter, all proceeds go to fund Texas scholarships.

"My wife is a teacher, so anything that supports education, I'm pro for,” Pedigo said.

Last year $2.6M in proceeds helped 140 students pay for college.

"I love to cook and I love to hang out with good people doing good things,” Sobon said. “And it all rolls together in this event."

Funding education and filling stomachs. What could be better?

"BBQ Austin is helping to make dreams come true for young Texans," Lamb said.