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Bastrop food truck pilot program details finalized

The Bastrop City Council will give its final approval on Tuesday, and the program would go into effect May 1.

AUSTIN, Texas — On any given Saturday afternoon, you'll find food truck courts in Austin packed. But what if you started seeing them in Bastrop? Well, that could happen very soon. 

The Bastrop City Council was shown the final touches on a pilot program that allows food trucks to set up shop within the city limits. 

Right now, food trucks are just outside of the city of Bastrop, mainly along highways 71 and 95.

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The program details are set up by the Bastrop Planning and Development Department. A rule changed last week so that food trucks can park anywhere instead of only on paved lots.

The program would require trucks to be 150 feet within a restroom, or rent a port-a-potty.

The program would go into effect May 1 and the Bastrop City Council is expected to give its final approval on Tuesday. 

One of the only food trucks within the Bastrop City limits is Yoli's Tacos and More over on Chesnut Street. They're plumbed into the ground, so even though they have wheels they haven't moved since they started renting the space in 2014. 

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They like the idea of the pilot program.

"We welcome entrepreneurs with trailers to come out," said Mario De Leon, a co-owner. "There’s a lot of struggling cooks out there and they’re ready to branch off and do their own thing."

Just a few miles up the road on State Highway 95, you'll find the Jalisco's Food Truck. They have a brick-and-mortar restaurant in town.

“When we found out we couldn’t be in the city limits we figured, hey, let’s go out to 95," said Nancy Mata, the event coordinator for Jalisco. "We would love to be there."


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