In the 1990's, Pierre Celis and his daughter Christine moved to Austin from Belgium with the dream of "teaching Texans how to drink beer."

"In the 90s, of course, people had never seen a cloudy beer," Christine Celis said. "All the sudden you have the orange peels, the have beer with foam on it!"

For almost a decade the original Celis brewery operated successfully in Austin, serving their signature Celis White or Witbier.

Then, 17 years ago - the company was sold to the Miller Brewing Company.

"At that time Miller was in a different mindset," Christine said. "They shut down the brewery and we were gone then for 17 years. So, my goal was always to build another brewery."

Christine took that goal and with the backing of investors and her family broke ground back in December on a new brewery in north Austin.

After many years, Celis was able to buy back the family name and her goal now is to start brewing their famous family beer while also honoring her father's legacy.

"Since my dad passed away in 2011, I always wanted to continue the legacy and wanted to have a brewery," Celis said. "You don't want to dwell on the past you want to have a future and I have this future now... The next step is of building this Brewery and calling it Celis. Celis brewery, Celis white. It belongs to here. It belongs to the brewery, it belongs in the family and it definitely belongs in Austin."

Celis has also brought her own daughter onboard to brew the families famous beer.

Using the same strain of Yeast that her father brought from Belgium, they plan to combine their history in Belgium and Austin to make a new Celis brewery for the future.

"I have a building, I have equipment and I have my name back," Celis said. "So now we're giving Austin it's first brewery back which is super exciting."