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Austinites share their good news by the hike-and-bike trail

For almost a year, Hank Cavagnaro has gone to chat with people all across Central Texas about good news. This time he stopped by the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue.

AUSTIN, Texas — From the beautiful weather to saving a dog's life, this time I heard a bunch of great stories from people along the hike-and-bike trail in Downtown Austin. 

Each time, I ask people who pass by our cameras to share any good news or positivity they have, and then we put it together into a story. The whole idea is to shed light on the good things that are happening instead of just focusing on the bad from the past year. 

This time I got to chat with Richard and Jill Scott, Shelley Larsen and Dianne Baxter. Each of them shared some of the positivity that they have seen recently in their life. 

Richard and Jill Scott said they try to walk the trail downtown every day to take advantage of the mix of city and nature. 

"Couldn't be better than this. I mean, this is like – people should retire to this, dream to retire to this," said Richard Scott.

"And I would like to say just a word of thanks to the Austin Trail Foundation. They've done an amazing job at keeping this beautiful and continuing to improve it every day," added Jill Scott.

Larsen shared the story of her recently adopted dog, Ginger, a pandemic pup she and her family got in October. 

"Before that, she was on death row basically for dogs in Corpus Christi," she said. 

Last, but not least, Baxter was with her friend she meets up with every month downtown. The weather was the thing brightening her day. 

"Yeah, that's right – lots of people out at the park today, so it's really nice," she said.

It's just a great reminder that there's still more good out there than bad. 


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