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Austin woman to deliver nearly 150 wrapped presents to the homeless this holiday season

An Austin woman is in the spirit of giving this holiday season and plans to bring gifts to the homeless later this month.
Credit: Courtney Einsla
Austin woman to bring gifts to the homeless later this month.

AUSTIN — Courtney Einsla says she has decided to bring gifts to the homeless this holiday season after discovering the Under the Bridge Ministry a few months ago.

Einsla said her story started nearly three and a half months ago when her and her wife were going to walk in a charity event for Autism awareness.

Einsla stated she had made 100 lunches for the event.

When the event was canceled, Einsla said she was left with 100 bagged lunches and decided to hand them out to the homeless off of 17th Street in Austin, under the bridge.

While handing out lunches to the homeless, Einsla said she stumbled across the Under the Bridge Ministry group giving out clothes and care packages, and she joined their one Saturday a month ritual.

"I began feeling affected by these people," said Einsla. "I stopped sleeping and began to obsess over what I could do to help."


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After working through the thought process, Einsla said she decided, with the help of her wife and friends, to deliver wrapped presents to the homeless under the bridge with the ministries.

"We have spent much of the past two weeks on social media gathering gloves, hats, soap, toothpastes, toothbrushes, blankets, socks, gloves, candy, water and more," said Einsla.

Einsla stated the 144-150 wrapped gifts will be delivered for the folks being served by the Under the Bridge Ministries on Dec. 22.