A 23-year-old Austin woman claims that a man punched her in the face following an alleged road rage incident. And the woman said she has video to prove it.

According to Amanda, the alleged victim, she was driving with her girlfriend on South Lamar Boulevard between 1st Street and Oltorf Street early Thursday morning when the alleged incident started. KVUE is not releasing Amanda's last name to protect her identity.

The victim told KVUE, "We were stopped at the train tracks when he cut in front of us."

The victim then said the driver gave them "the finger" before she honked again.

When the train left, the victim told KVUE that he "stopped right after the tracks and got out of his car."

The victim stated that she went around him and immediately turned left on Thornton Road when she said the driver started to chase them. She said she then pulled into a parking lot hoping he would keep driving. In video provided to KVUE, Amanda's friend can be heard saying, "Please don't do anything."

The man's vehicle then pulls up alongside theirs and he can be heard saying, "Do you have a (expletive) issue?"

He approaches their vehicle while her window is rolled down. They then can be heard arguing, and at some point he says, "Don't pull up to me at a (expletive) stop light and talk (expletive)."

An altercation then appears to ensue.

She claims he punched her twice in the face and slammed her vehicle's car and rearview mirror. As a result, the victim said she suffered from a busted lip and bruised face.

She provided KVUE video of the apparent road rage incident. Watch here:

WARNING: The following video has language that may be offensive to some

The Austin Police Department has confirmed to KVUE that an "assault with injury" case involving a woman with the name cited in this story. A detective is currently investigating the alleged incident as of Thursday afternoon.